M05 Red - Day 0-arriving to Sóváradra

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Sóvárad - Keresztelő Szent János Remeteség

pikto_tav.png  2,2 km

pikto_gyalogos_png  viable


Sovaradi Keresztelo Szent Janos Remeteseg-Enlaka-Oroszhegy-Szentegyhaza-Csiksomlyo: 4 days,99.5 km

Day 0-arriving to Sovarad-Keresztelo Szent Janos Remeteseg(St. John the Baptist Hermitage 2.2 km,50 minutes

In the end of Sovarad towards to Targu-Mures,there is a pub,next to it a car mechanic,opposite to it a side street(right,Allomas Street) which takes to the train station,we have to go on.If we arrive by bus,we have to leave the baggages where will be taken by tractor until the Hermitage.Until The Hermitage is 2.2 km,50 minutes,level difference is 160 metre.Next to the train station we take a roundabout and we achieve Kis Kukullo bridge.After the bridge with 50 metre suddenly turns to right,where it can be finded some houses.If the pilgrim arrives until here by car,it has to be left right here.We go on the left road after Leaving the houses.We will be on an unwalkable road with forests and meadow.After 1.5 kilometre we reach on the left the Hermitage(Remeteseg).From here to Sumuleu Enlaka 99.5 kilometre and Praid 120 kilometre. The Hermitage,Papp Laszlo catholic priest,entrusted with evangelization.There is no electricity,washing facility from the fountain.Freshly built cells of rooms with mattress,sleeping bags.Meals are assumed by the hosts if it is settled.