M05 Red Day 1: Sovarad - Enlaka

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Sărățeni – Șiclod – Cușmed – Atid – Inlăceni



pikto_tav.png  20,3 km

pikto_gyalogos_png  viable


Sovarad-Siklod-Kusmos-Atid-Enlaka:20.3 kilometre,7 hours and 30 minutes

Leavin the Hermitage we arrive in the forest,where our road is intersected with a stony,forest road(350 m),but we go on the path.(Forest road-on the left north-west direction for a while on M01 Marie Road we ahead to Praid. We still go on 250 metres in the forest.Through 3 kilometres we leave the boondocks until we reach the crest upon Siklod(96 kilometres)keeping the south direction.Here are meadows,the signals has to be searched on stones and on plum trees.If we want to ahead from Siklod to Sovarad,we have to pay attention to keep on this crest,searching for the indicators.We go down 660 kilometres from the crest,and we reach Siklod.On the first intersection we turn on the right to the reformed church,then in the centre of the village we go toward to Kusmod which lies 5 kilometres from here(89,6 kilometres).From here we go through villages,so we cannot get lost.Eted is 2 kilometres from Kusmod,where we have to find the road to Enlaka from all the intersections(86 kilometres),which is 6 kilometres from Eted.Arriving to Enlaka(79,2 km),reaching the shop,church,go towards the centre,where Dancs Alpar can host us.


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