M05 Red- Day 2 - Énlaka - Oroszhegy

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pikto_tav.png  25. 5 km, 8 óra

pikto_gyalogos_png  viable


Enlaka-Firtosvaralja-Szekelypalfalva-Farkaslaka--Oroszhegy:25.5 kilometre,8 hour

From the centre of the village we turn back to the main road wich takes to the village,and slowly we ahead to Odorheiu-Secuiesc.From here we can see Enlaka,north is Atyha,north-south is the castle of Firtos(here from Firtosvaralja we can make a bypass following the green triangle tourist sign).Connecting the villages,we go on stony road to Firtosvaralja,which is 3 km.Going through the village after 3 kilometres we reach Szekelypalfalva where we go on the county road to Farkaslak direction.Until we reach the busy road,in the large curve,we go on an old road to south,and after 1.2 kilometres we arrive at the big road,on where we have to make 250 metres to reach the road which takes to Kecset,turning to East,then after 400 metres turning to South we reach Farkaslaka.If we would like to spend some time in Farkaslaka,we should visit the Memorial of Tamasi Aron.After a small roundabout we ahead to the top of Gordon.From the statue of Jesus we touch the statue of crowned Marie,then we reach the top of Gordon. From the viewpoint we ahead 3 kilometres above the crest reaching Oroszhegy viewpoint.Through the forest turning to east we reach the road above the village.Then turning to south we reach the centre of village,the church(55.5 kilometres)


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