Day 4: Vlăhița – Șumuleu Ciuc

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Vlăhița – Pasul Vlăhița (Tolvajos-tető) – Șumuleu Ciuc



pikto_tav.png  30,3 km, 10 ore

Szentegyhaza-Tolvajos-teto-Csiksomlyo 30,3 kilometre,10 hours Szentegyhaza-Tolvajos-teto:14 kilometre


From our accomodation we return back to asphalt road next to the parish,from where we have to follow the directions 100 metres to north.Here we turn to right towards to east.Slowly we leave the houses,then move towards Szentegyhaza,next to Szentegyhaza Gyongye thermal pool.If we don't want to reach the bath,then we make shortage at 26.7 kilometre.


At the bath we have accomodation and catering facilities.Here the directions pass through the bath.We go through the creek's bridge,and behind the guesthouse we turn to north-east and we go on.Today we have a hard hike next to ski slopes,where slowly turn to east-northeast.Here we go through trees,bushes and meadows 500 metre.Reaching a small grassy road we turn to north,then we arrive on a busy forest road,where turning on east we go to Tolvajos.On this part we can find lonely summer acommodations.Who knows this terrain can find second world war bunkers.These aren't indicated. We go on this plateau and we arrive to an intersection of forest roads,but we have to keep the east direction. We have to look for the indicators on stones and on thick branches of the hazel bushes.Further we leave behind us meadows,bushes and streams.We make a sharp turn on south and we find a summer accomodation.Then we go on south 200 metre,then next to a summer accomodation we turn to east,then imagining the letter Z we go down until the creek.Between the hazel bushes we find intersection and is better to turn right,to pay attention to the indications.After leaving the birches,we find a big intersection,where we turn to north-east.Going towards north-east we can see huge oak trees,after 500-600 metres we have to look for the east direction.Is needed to pay attention to the indicators,even tough a lot of trees have been cut and the directions are lost.


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