Day 1 - Lunca de Sus - Şumuleu

Érintett helységek: 

Kontumáci kápolna–Apahavas–Ugrapataka–Gyimesfelsőloki templom/Szent Erzsébet Gimnázium


pikto_tav.png  20,7 km

pikto_gyalogos_png  viable


1st day: Kontumac chapel – Apahavas – Valea Ugra- church at Lunca de Sus – Sfânta Elisabeta Gymnasium 20,7 km, 8/9 h

Kontumac Chapel(717 m) – Rakoczi castle (696 m) – Áldomás/ Kőcsup (900m) – Antalok (938 m) – Pipás (1275 m)

6km = up 3.3 h, down 2 h

Bicycle, Horse: Rakoczi castle – Áldomás/ Kőcsup way is not accessible. Suggested route: Áldomás valley– Pipás. The other part of the way is easily accessible by bicycle and horse.

From the Kontumac chapel (47,5 km) we are going back until the rail-bridge on the red sign of the way of Mary, from where we are going up to the Rakoczi castle by following the trail. The way of Mary will go next to the old border, following the way of the `Csendőrök`( Police) to the West – Southwest direction. Also the ruins next to the way are the memories of the old border. We will go to Áldomás/ Kőcsup from the Southwest part, and it is 950 m far away from the castle. Around 700 m of the Kőcsup stones, there is a bigger `border-dump` (45,5 km).

The ones who are coming from the direction of Pipas has to take care to go to East. We are not going on trails; we will go between private terrains, and we have to take care to do no make damages, and to close the doors after us.

From Áldomás it is coming a short 300 m downhill, and on the slowly upward, traversing the fields we will arrive to the Áldomás hill`s forest, and we can see the cemetery of the soldiers. After the steep upward climb we will arrive to the old soldier`s way, which is going up and after crossing the young forest we will arrive to the western part of the Áldomás peak ( 43,8 km).

From now on, we will go on the forester road until the Pipas, 2,3km, from where is a beautiful landscape to every direction. (41,5 km).

Pipas sarka ( 1275m) – Burned field ( Égett mező, 1256 m) – Apahavas (1330 m) 3,5 km

From here we will go to South, Eastern-South direction following the mountain crest until we arrive to Égett mező, where we can see again sheepfolds and dogs.

On the peak before Apahavas, we can find another border-dump (39,5 km), from where we will go to the West and we will arrive to the water source of the Boros-stream (400 m), to the margin of the forest, where we will find the house of the Communities Association`s house from Frumoasa. We can eat, and if it is raining we can stay here. If we are going to the South, then we can turn back to the water-source from west, from Apahavas, but this is the longer way.

From the source we have to go back to signs, and by traversing the crest, and the young forest, we will go up to Apahavas, which is around 900 m to the South-East direction. On the peak we can find a cross (38 km).

Apahavas (1330 m) – Habarasz farm (1283 m) – Ugra valley – Gymnasium of Saint Elisabeth (894m) 11,2 km

From the peak we are coming back until the signed column, where we turn to the South-West, and we will go down to the Habarasz farm. We will go next to farms 700m, but after that we are not following the crest which is going to the South, we will turn to the North-West (36,5km) and we will go down to Ugra valley by following the signs. Here we will find again water-sources. From now until the accommodation is around 8,5 km, we will go by following Ugra-valley and we will arrive to the gymnasium where we can stay.