Day 2.: Lunca de Sus – Șumuleu Ciuc

Érintett helységek: 

Lunca de Sus – Muntele Frumos – Muntele Păgânilor – Frumoasa – Bârzava – Delnița– Păuleni Ciuc – Șumuleu Ciuc


pikto_tav.png  26,8 km

pikto_gyalogos_png  viable


2nd day: Lunca de Sus –Szephavas – Pogany havas - Frumoasa – Bârzava – Delniţa – Păuleni – Şumuleu 26,8 km, 9.45 h

The daily route is easily accessible by bicycle and horse.

Gymnasium of Saint Elisabeth – Ciherek valley – Szep havas 5,5 km


From the gymnasium we start our trip to the West, and after 1,4 km walking on the main route, we will arrive to the Ciherek valley street, which goes to the North, to the right. On the corner we can find a shop (25,4 km).

From here we can see really well the road which goes up to the West, on the way we can find the ruins of an old castle. On the road, after 150 m we will turn to the left, to the West, and on a smaller cart-way, on the old church-ale`s way, which goes up slowly to Szep havas. Going on the mountain crest we will arrive to Szep havas, where is a chapel under construction situated 200 m far away from the way of Mary (South direction, 21,3 km).

Szep havas – Küpüs kút 3,1 km

We will go to the west from Szep havas, traversing the crest. Our trip after some smaller-bigger curves will turn to the South- Southwestern direction until Küpüs kút, where we can also find some weekend houses.

Küpüs kút – Pogany havas – Saint Ladislau`s monument – Frumoasa 5,5 km

After Küpüs kút we have to take care to don`t go the South, we have to go to the west, to the way of Pogany havas (18,2 km). If we will go on the wrong way, then we will arrive to the main road to Ghimes in 1150 m (1,3 km). By following the signs, after 400 m, we will arrive to the 1351 m high peak, under Pogany havas. It is suggested to make a circuit to the cross on the peak of the Poganyhavas, made by the Community`s Association of Frumoasa (17,8km). Coming back from the peak we will traverse the forest and we will arrive after 750 m to the monument of Saint Ladislaus , where we can see the ruins of Saint Ladislaus`s chapel, and the Saint Ladislau`s water source (17km). From here we will go slowly down until we arrive to Frumoasa.

Frumoasa – Bârzava – Delniţa – Păuleni – Şumuleu 12,7 km

The church and the name of the village are coming from the legends of Saint Ladislau (12,7km). Letting behind us the church, we will arrive to the center of Frumoasa, where we turn to, the South direction, walking next to the Armenian parochial, church, and the town-hall, we will cross the stream of Frumoasa, and we will see the sculpture of Saint Ladislau, we will turn to the West, and on the road to Racu ( not on the main, asphalted road!!) we will go next to the Orthodox chapel, and slowly after 1600 m we arrive to the end of the village, where we can find some gypsy house, where the road goes to the North, to the right ( 11 km).

After 100 m distance from the curve, we will turn to the left, to a field road, to the `markets way`, which is under construction (we are not going until Frumoasa-stream). Our tour from here goes between potato`s lands, and after going next to Nicolesti-stream we will arrive to the sewage works, the first house of Bârzava. At this house we have an intersection between the way of Mary, the purple M 01 and the blue M12 to the way to Racu (8,5 km).

From now we are going on the ways: M01, M05, M12 until we go out from Bârzava, where we turn to the left at the muddy `ring` we will turn to the left, to the south, and next to the gardens we will arrive to the stream of Bârzava, and after this our way will have an upward on 850 m.

In the field of Delniţa we will go to the Saint James chapel (5 km), and after 750 m we will cross the main street, and we will arrive to Delniţa. After two smaller curves, we will turn to the right, and by following the marks to the South direction we will go on an asphalted road to Păuleni. From the church in Păuleni, it is just 2,5 km until the Pilgrimage church of Sumuleu.