1st day: Sighișoara – Cristur Secuiesc

Érintett helységek: 

Sighișoara – Albești – Topa Mică – Șoard - Secuieni – Filiaș – Cristur Secuiesc


pikto_tav.png  25,6 km, 8 h

pikto_gyalogos_png  viable


From the centre of the city (110 km) we come towards Braşov 3,5 km on the E60/13th Europeanhighway (Mihai  Viteazu  utca)  towards  Albeşti. Before  (450  m-re)  we  reach  the  industrialrailways which are crossing the E6oth  road, we have to go further to left on the Lunga streetwhich goes through the main railway line  (106 km), then at the 103,5 km point on the Moriistreet (Malom utca) we turn in right triangle to North, and we go through the village called Topa(Kisbunt) (101,5 km) .At the crossroad in Topa’s centre we turn East/ we don’t go straight towards Boia (Nagybunt)/,but after 1,2 km we get out of the village to a dirt road between fields and plugh-lands, fromwhere after 2 km we reach Şard (Sárd )(97,5 km).In the centre of Sárd we go to South towards the highway, which we reach to (95,6 km), and herewe turn to East towards Cristuru Secuiesc. We leave the highway and before the first houses ofSecuieni we turn right, to South to a dirt road (93 km). This road to goes towards the village,where we aim the old abandoned bridge through the Târnava  (92 km). On the bridge we cancross only by foot. After the crossing we keep the southern direction for 690 m. At the crossingwe turn left to North-East towards the pig farm. Before the farm at the 90th km point is it possileto  go  to  th  emud  volcanos. A kereszteződésben  balra,  vagyis  északkeletnek  fordulunk  asertésfarm irányába. Shortly  we arrive  to  Filiaş (88  km).  Staying on the  highway we reachCristuru Secuiesc, where we will have our well-deserved rest (84 km).