2nd day: Cristuru Secuiesc – OdorheiuSecuiesc

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Cristuru Secuiesc – Rugăneşti – Şimoneşti – Cireşeni - Forţeni – OdorheiuSecuiesc


pikto_tav.png  28,3 km, 9 h

pikto_gyalogos_png  viable


In  Cristuru  Secuiesc  we follow the  highway all  the  way until  the  end of  the  town towardsOdorheiu Secuiesc, then we turn to northern direction towards  Rugăneşti-Şimoneşti  (82,2 km)and we follow the asphalt road through Rugăneşti (80,5 km) to Şimoneşti. In Şimoneşti counting from the first houses at the third road, from the centre on the first road, in right triangle we turn right, namely East (74,5 km), and on a small dirt road we go up on the sideof Rez, where we get to a loaded road (72, 5 km). Doted with smaller-bigger glades, we goupwards more comfortable through the wood 1,5 km, which is accessible by car as well. Fromhere after 2,1 km on a smaller woody crest road we reach the lookout tower on the top of Rez (68km).

From the top we descend continuously on the crest on a good visible road towards Cireşeni(Sükő), first on road through woods, then later on through fields down in the village (64, 5 km),from where we go further to Forţeni (Farcád) (61, 5 km), from where Odorheiu Secuiesc is just3,6 km far away.3rd day: Odorheiu Secuiesc- Szarkakő –Băile Homorod -Căpâlniţa –Vlăhiţa:  25.5  km, 8 hIn the morning from the Saint Miklós parish church we can go towards  Szarkakő  through theschool street towards the barrack and the Kerek-wood. We reach the top of Szarkakő going roundthe favourite beauty spots of the residents of Odorheiu Secuiesc.On the top of  Szarkakő is the town’s garbage storage (46,5 km). We go further from here onconcrete road on the crest 7.3 km-t, or from the road to North on a dirt road beside the wood.Before the highway (39,5 km), we turn down to North-East on a dirt road (the old roman road) tothe direction of Homorod towards the valley, on which we approach the highway for 400 m , andin the same time the edge of the wood, where doing a 200 m detour we can discover in theshadow of the trees the Sópárkút guest house. From here is the big curve  just 500 m far away on the Homorod highway, where the chapel canbe found also. Crossing the bridge on the road (37,5 km) we turn North in right triangle ont hedirt road be