3rd day: Odorheiu Secuiesc - Vlăhița

Érintett helységek: 

Odorheiu Secuiesc - Piatra Coțofană – Băile Homorod - Căpâlnița – Vlăhița


pikto_tav.png  25.5 km, 8 h

pikto_gyalogos_png  viable

In the morning from the Saint Miklós parish church we can go towards  Szarkakő  through theschool street towards the barrack and the Kerek-wood. We reach the top of Szarkakő going roundthe favourite beauty spots of the residents of Odorheiu Secuiesc.On the top of  Szarkakő is the town’s garbage storage (46,5 km). We go further from here onconcrete road on the crest 7.3 km-t, or from the road to North on a dirt road beside the wood.Before the highway (39,5 km), we turn down to North-East on a dirt road (the old roman road) tothe direction of Homorod towards the valley, on which we approach the highway for 400 m , andin the same time the edge of the wood, where doing a 200 m detour we can discover in theshadow of the trees the Sópárkút guest house. From here is the big curve  just 500 m far away on the Homorod highway, where the chapel canbe found also. Crossing the bridge on the road (37,5 km) we turn North in right triangle ont hedirt road beside the streamlet. Here is worthy to get off the way of Mary, following for fewhundred m the highway, because here we can find 2 boron water spings with host unities.Returning to the bridge, we go upwards 200 m next to the streamlet, where turning entirely backto South-East we come up to the woody crest above the highway, where we comfortable goforward towards Căpâlniţa 2 km. We reach out on the loaded road, and we meet the red trailedM0 5 way of Mary (34,5 km) coming of direction of Zetea (Zetelaka). This record of journey canbe found at the M 05 route (Dealu - Vlăhiţa section)