1st day: Micfalău Málta camp – Tuşnad

Érintett helységek: 

Micfalău Málta camp– Bixad – Băile Tuşnad – Tuşnadu Nou – Tuşnad

pikto_tav.png   28 km  9 h.

pikto_gyalogos_png  viable


Starting from Bixad’s centre towards North (44,5 km) we reach from the European highway the road which takes us to the railway station, where reaching the railway line (43,5 km) we turn right, namely North and on the parallel road we go towards the stone mines and the bath direction. To left above us is the Alsó Sólyomkő castle. The approching of this castle: before we go through the railway to left, there is a path to the right (trail: study path). Before the mines 300 m we turn back in a big U shape, to pass through the railway and to go 1 km on the East side of the Olt bridge, then to return again at the buildings to the West side by the hydroelectric power station’s locks (40,5 km).

From here going on the barrage filling, through the narrower Tuşnad pass, reaching a pedestrian suspension bridge (39 km), we come cross to the East part, from where rising we reach the european highway and in the same time the centre of Băile Tuşnad. Along the highway we go until the catholic church (37,8 km), where turning down to left, we go downwards on the stairs to the level crossing and the Ciucaş Lake. Crossing the railway on the road we turn South, then we cross on the Olt’s bridge reaching the scene of the Tusványos camp, where we go straight West and we go up in the wood towards the Sólyom cliffs.

Reaching the forest-path parallel to the valley (37 km), we turn North, namely right and go on making smaller-bigger curves on the comfortable forest-path towards the csiki-basin, watching out for bears increasingly above the railway and the river. Near to the Tuşnadu Nou’s wood field border, from the loaded bicycle path we turn down to a smaller forest-path (31,5 km), which is going at the edge of the wood slowly giving up the North direction to West. Where we turn to North again through the fields towards the village, there is a spring abounding in water (30,2 km).

Among the village (28,5 km) we head to East towards the valley, where we cross the railway and the Olt river’s bridge (27 km), and turning straightaway to left, to North we go on a dirt road next to a small streamlet on which we reach Tuşnad (25, 7 km). Getting in the community we turn East and then North, following the trails we reach the church on the top of the hill (24,9 km).