2nd day: Tuşnad – Şumuleu Ciuc

Érintett helységek: 

Tuşnad – Vrabia – Cetăţuia - Sânsimion – Sâncrăieni – Şumuleu Ciuc

pikto_tav.png  24,9 km 8 h.

pikto_gyalogos_png  viable



From the church going by the side of the futball-ground to East we reach the highway which goes through Sânsimion toward Miercurea Ciuc, which highway if we follow we go through Vrabia (22,5 km) and then it worths stopping at the boron water in Cetăţuia (20,5 km), as it worths stopping in Sâncrăieni as well at the two familiar spring.

At Sâncrăieni’s Miercurea Ciuc end (8,8 km), at the last house, which in the present works as a carwash, we turn left crossing under the railway through a small wagon passage-way and following the road we reach the Olt’s filling, of which this side we go to Jigodin-Băi. There is a boron water also opposite the bridge (6,5 km).

Following the trails we cross the railway and on the european highway, then on the side-walk of the road leading into town, we reach the district of Jigodin. Always keeping the North direction, passing the lawcourt, the town hall and the Mikó-castle, we go through the walking road of the town. Then we go further until the Márton Áron High School, where turning to right on the Szék street we reach the church (0 km).