1st day: Coşnea – Şumuleu Ciuc

Érintett helységek: 

Coşnea – Szellő-top (tető) – Şoimeni – Şumuleu Ciuc

pikto_tav.png  27, 5 km 9 h

pikto_gyalogos_png  viable


From the catholic chapel in Coşnea (27,5 km) we leave for West. Through the village we advance 2 more km and continuously go up to the crest on the road going through the valley (20,5 km). Reaching up to the crest we turn South and we follow underneath the Szellő, on the comfortable road, the here and there twisting crest, enjoying the unfolding view. We can take a by-pass to the Szellő-top (18,8 km) the highest point of the environs where in case of necessity we can withdraw to a shelter. Passing next to the antennas (17,8 km)we follow continuously the crest. Under the Sándor-hill, after the gardens we turn West again, leaving off the main crest (8,8 km) towards Şoimeni through the wood on the downward road, which is accesible by small car as well. Int he centre of the village (3 km) turning South-West, after 1 km we reach Cioboteni district (1,5 km), which is already built together with Şumuleu Ciuc.