1Way International Pilgrimage Day

The organizations related to Via Mariae, therefore also the Via Mariae Transylvania Association organize pilgrimages for a single purpose on the entire Via Mariae route, on each route.

This annual pilgrimage day is called on 1Way and includes several localities in Austria, Transylvania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary. This day offers a great pilgrimage experience for thousands of people, through which the miracle comes to life: people of different nationalities and with different visions of the world make a pilgrimage together, side by side and for each other. They experience the unity, which means a huge spiritual recharge.

The target group of the event includes those who want to travel a longer or shorter way of the Via Mariae as part of a full-day pilgrimage. Various non-governmental, professional and church organizations, schools and communities also participate on the 1Way pilgrimage.

Through the common experiences, the power of songs and in the shadow of the cross, people from different places can make friendships. Furthermore, the pilgrimage is a way of life that slowly brings us closer to ourselves, our fellows and God, as the world opens up to us.

Since 2017, the power of the pilgrimage to form the soul can be tried out in different ways. On the running and cycling sections of the 1Way route, athletes can also experience the interaction between sport and spirituality.